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Female Child is Pride of Our Country, Not Curse on the Society

“Girls are valuable assets, not liabilities or burdens.”

“She brings good fortune, not bad.”

“She is the maker not destroyer”.

“Save the girl child from any catastrophe; she is the most precious gem.”

She has the potential to conceive a new life after God.

If one family celebrates the birth of a boy, why does another family mourn the birth of a girl?
If a male child receives lavish clothing, food, new toys, and the opportunity to attend school, then why is a female child denied the right to live?
Why is she killed or aborted at birth because she is a girl and not a boy?
Why shouldn’t men and women in our country be treated equally?
Why is it that she is always the victim?
why there has been no more excitement since a girl was born again.
Why do the majority of people so desperately want to have a girl?
How would life continue if society itself were to plant seeds of life?
Why are women regarded as inferior to men?
Why is there still such a disparity between men and women in our nation, which has seen significant progress in all areas?

Women were previously viewed as merely houseworkers, expected to be confined to the four walls of the house and responsible only for household duties. However, the moment has passed. She was as capable as men in all areas. There are numerous examples of women in India who have risen from ashes to serve the nation well.

Different sex assurance methods like biopsy, ultrasound images, ultrasounds, filter tests and amniocenteses were acquainted with recognize fetal irregularities. Unfortunately, a number of families used these tests to determine the sex of their unborn children.

The most abortions have occurred annually in the states of Punjab and Rajasthan. Sources from the United Nations say that around 75,000 girls are aborted each year.

This heinous crime continues unabated in a desire for a male child or heir in spite of all the stringent laws that have been enacted to curb this undesirable practice of killing innocent girls. The day will come when our planet will not have a girl, a daughter, a woman to give birth to, and ultimately no life on it, if this practice continues at this rate.

She is discriminated against and deprived of the fundamental rights to education, freedom, empowerment, nutrition, and the right to live a life of dignity and honor at every stage of her life, in addition to female infanticide and female feticide.

Planned pregnancies are preferred by many couples due to financial constraints. In such instances, the first prenatal visit actually takes place prior to the actual pregnancy to determine whether the patient is ready to stop taking contraceptives and conceive.

Considered to be the primary reasons for rejecting and diminishing the value of a girl child are the desire for a male child with the belief that he will become our caretaker and a source of strength in old age, the demand for a substantial dowry, and the patriarchal structure of a society.

It is essential to bring about significant shifts in society’s attitudes and perceptions of women in all spheres. On the one hand, we placed women in the same category as God. In contrast, we subjected her to a variety of atrocities, including female infanticide, female feticide, sexual abuse, dowry deaths, and sati.

Women’s children are not a curse on society. She is one of God’s most stunning and valuable gifts. She is the world’s most stunning creation. She carries both the beginning and the end within her. God bestows upon a woman the important virtues of patience and tolerance, which enable her to bravely confront society’s problems.

The right to education is a fundamental human right that is essential to personal and societal growth and well-being.

“You educate a man, a person, a woman, and a whole family,” as the saying goes.

It is illegal to discriminate based on one’s sex; Nevertheless, this practice is circulating like a virus. To put an end to this heinous crime, the steps that are taken now will be very helpful.

1. to raise awareness of the plight of education and its fundamental rights.
2. The issue of a girl child getting no education makes the situation even worse. She is able to think judiciously, make sound decisions, act quickly, learn to respect others, develop civic sense, judge independently, and be a good citizen thanks to her education.
3. Effectively enforcing and putting into practice diagnostic methods prior to conception and pregnancy. Additionally, the government has established a state inspection and monitoring committee to conduct in-person inspections and sternly prosecute those operating illegally or unregistered institutions.
4. to raise awareness of the need, significance, and value of a girl child by launching a number of campaigns to raise awareness of sex selection tests.
5. It is necessary to end the possessive inborn hunger for male offspring.
6. To put an end to this social/evil crime, we must urgently work together and stand as brothers and sisters.
7. to add to the efforts made by the government and various women’s organizations to keep society’s gender balance healthy.
8. to act decisively and quickly to reduce the misuse of preconception and prenatal methods.
9. to come up with and put into action new inventive strategies to combat the threat.
10. to look for creative ways to get the ratio of boys to girls back to normal.
11. to establish a society in which births of both sexes are celebrated equally.

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The gentle species of humanity is in trouble. Guard her.
Until he marries, a son remains a son, whereas a daughter remains a daughter for the rest of her life.
The bond that binds two families together is the daughter.
Keep the lovely flower from wilting and rotting away.
The helpless girl child requires our support.
Where would he or she be in the world if your mother was prevented from being born and murdered?

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