Learning how to make DESSERTS

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Learning how to make DESSERTS
Dessert is generally sweet and served at the end of a meal. Many ingredients (flour, egg,sugar, milk, butter, chocolate and fruit) are the same for all desserts but the preparationmethod makes the whole difference. Desserts and pastries are the responsibility of thepastry department. As baking is the most used cooking method for desserts and pastriesthe main equipment of the pastry section is the oven. Other necessary equipment includesstoves and specific utensils such as pastry rollers, scale, measuring jug, mixing bowls,sieve, whisk, brush, moulds or mixers. Other cooking methods are frying or boiling.
Fruit dessert can be served hot or cold and are lighter than some other desserts.
Hot: baked apples, chocolate pears,banana flambé
Cold: fruit salad, apple compote, fruits Macedonia.
Every country or region has specialty desserts. In Myanmar, the most common déssertsare:
Sago with jaggery and fresh coconut
Steamed banana with sugar or coconut milk.

The main pastries are:

Semolina cake

Coconut agar agar or different flavour

Boiled sticky ball with jaggery and coconut

I think you should try Myanmar dessert when you visit to Myanmar.

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