Five C’s for Students in Gorvenment Curriculum



You need to know what 5C’s means. Let’s learn together


C1 – Collaboration

In lessons , the students will work in groups, to share ideas with theirs classmates and to find solutions together.


C2 – Communication

The students will develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in all subjects, not only in language lessons.


C3 – Critical thinking & problem solving

The students will be given interesting problems to solve – finding and explaining solutions, looking for and correcting errors.


C4 – Creativity & innovation

Thinking ‘outside the box’ is an important 21st century skill.The students will be encouraged to explore new ideas and solve problems in new ways.


C5 – Citizenship

The students will take part in the school community and develop fairness and conflict resolution skills.


Hope you enjoy this facts. We will try to present all the best for you.


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